Who is Vic Pipke?
Vic’s background is in law enforcement. During his nearly 30-year tenure in that sector, his final 21 years he enjoyed a decorated career with the Edmonton Police service. Over half of those years (12), Vic was with the Tactical Team until a serious life-threatening injury took him out of the career he loved and forced him to find another passion, one that enabled him to continue serving others thus making a positive impact in people's lives.
Financial Services ended up being the platform to pour his soul into, characterized by hard work and dedication to helping others achieve their financial goals and dreams. By taking an educational approach, Vic ensures people make truly informed decisions and become participants in their plan. Adding to this dedication and drive, Vic brings the morals, ethics, leadership, mentorship, and strength of character from his very successful policing career into an industry where those traits are not merely a commodity, rather, a necessity.

My background:

Law Enforcement

30 years in the Law Enforcement field
(Corrections, Private Security and Policing)

21 years with Edmonton Police Service

Numerous Commendations, Recognitions, and Awards

12 years with Tactical Team

Crisis Negotiator
Active listening skills, rapport building, conflict resolution, advanced communication skills, psychological strategies

Rappel Master
Responsible for the safety and security of the people we rescue as well as the team

Arrest and Control Master Instructor
Instruct team in a variety of control tactics to ensure access to numerous tools to overcome any obstacle

Lead team into missions and responsible to ensure the safety of the entry team and the safe rescue of victims

Team Leader
Build a safe and secure environment for the team to train and learn. Provide the tools required to overcome any situation encountered. Build rapport and a team mentality where no one succeeds unless we all succeed.

Brokerage Owner
Achieved rapid success utilizing the skills from my prior career to build a solid team with a focus on building people first

Access to some of the best and brightest minds in the business world to learn how to build
a business

Build a solid and rapidly growing team with unparalleled morals, ethics, and strength of character

Sought out to speak with many different individuals and teams about team mentality, mindset, how to expand your business, and building people

Use “build people first” approach to business which has served very well and resulted in my brokerage expand rapidly