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Chris Miller Real Estate Team

Providing Comprehensive Real Estate Services to Home Buyers and Sellers

What is The Property S.W.O.T. Real Estate Team?

Here is a specialized team of professionals with tactical training and systems that only the Elite Possess!

They are proud to call themselves the ‘SWAT’ team of Real Estate. A group of well-trained professionals equipped with the knowledge to make sure you have a real estate experience beyond your expectations!

Because who wouldn't want the SWOT team covering your back during the most important transaction of your life!

What’s with the play on words? S.W.O.T.?

Click the logo below to find out what S.W.O.T. stands for, what they do, and while you are there why not search listings too!


Camp My Way is a Residential Wilderness Program for First Responders and their families who have been affected by PTSD. Located completely off the grid in the backcountry of British Columbia, Camp My Way is an outdoor adventure-based program designed to teach Campers how to survive off-grid while at the same time respecting the environment.
Their mission is to assist people to reclaim their lives and reconnect with family and friends through teamwork, self-discipline, meditation, exercise, nutrition, and sharing upbuilding experiences! The coping mechanisms enhanced through this program provide the tools needed for these individuals to successfully meet everyday struggles while acquiring problem-solving skills, setting new goals, and embracing the importance of daily routines.
We are proud to sponsor such a forward-thinking, non-profit organization that is making a difference in the lives of people who have made a difference in ours!

Enjoy the following video!